"and yet I" - art workshop at The Poster Remediated exhibition

We are at The Poster Remediated exhibition. Many works here have been created by artists or designers to support some idea. How do they work? How they manage to transfer the idea into a drawing or painting? Workshop for children aged 7+, by Spotlight Kids

International Poster Biennale – change of organiser

During a meeting held on the 1st of September 2017, the Program Council of the International Poster Biennale (IPB) approved a proposition to change the organiser of the IPB from the National Museum in Warsaw to the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

Photo gallery from the Spotlight Kids workshop

We are happy to show photos from a great poster workshop prepared by the Spotlight Kids team on Sunday, 11th September!

Poster as your message to the world - art workshop at the exhibition

We invite children to the workshop by educators from Spotlight Kids. Children will have a chance to create an own poster basing on signs, logotypes known from visual sorrounding as well as on their own experiences and feelings.

Sound Posters - photo gallery

The Sound Posters workshop worked really great! Look what kind of sounds the children imagined and realised with a little help of their parents:

Sound Posters - a workshop at The Poster Remediated exhibition

Children have endless imagination and are very sensitive to different forms of music. Using their creativity and openness to new ideas, participants will make a sound installation in a form of poster.
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